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Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
. a lot of strong words coming out of europe from the prime minister saying how disastrous it would be if we went off the fiscal cliff. >> i would rather see a compromise in getting it done right. clearly politicians and are ready to do a deal right. we see no inflation out of china and good growth out of china. that is a positive. the-is kicking out mario munsey who has been received well by wall street. >> mcdonald's have their quarterly numbers coming out in the stock did really well during a recession. it went up over a hundred and now it is about $90 a share. pretty good numbers for them. >> i'm loving it. apple has done well and is going to the end the year with the fiscal cliff with the tax increase issues. mcdonald's not so much. their sales are up 2.4%. then about 14,100 stores and united states. they did surprisingly well with the chatter on and bacon sandwich. the keep innovating products. i know you're saying tedder bacon and onion is not innovative and someone who is walking into mcdowell said does not watch television can see that they get a soda for a dollar. this wil
Dec 14, 2012 4:00am PST
networks in europe in a deal worth about 1.7 million >> will be right back with more on traffic and 5:09 is the time right now and there may still be a little jews destined blackberry. >> immigration and customs and force and says that will test the new >>-10 smart phones after phasing out older black bears in favor of i foams. >> the announcement has inject some life investors toward to the stock which had lost about 75% of its value in the last two years on evidence that the make or break >> tin line is gaining traction with are ibm's bread-and-butter customers. >> the >> tale of the sunday were 30. >> amazon spending isn't video service and clout player at a more mobile devices. >> the instant video app is now available on the iphone and the ipad itouch, with options for streaming or downloading content for amazons video collection. >> amazon prime customers also have streaming across to offer 30,000 movies and tv shows on the instant video at pp. >> even though research is bemercedes-benz has been seen record sales and the u.s., there still expected to lose its lead to rival bmw.
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
spain, portugal, italy and greece with the lowest scores in western europe. where is 0 is the highly corrupt and 100 he is very clean, green scored a 36. italy scored 42, portugal scored 63 and spain 65. by comparison denmark and finland tied with new zealand at the top of the list with scores of 90, while the u.s. scored 73. >> more than 280 people are dead after a typhoon hit the philippines. dozens of others are missing. rescuers are struggling to reach remote areas in the southern philippines after a powerful typhoon slab into mindanao. the typhoon ripped up trees and houses with winds reaching their 110 mi. per hour. triggering mudslides and flash floods. >> we are tracking a storm. look at the bay bridge where there is heavy rain pouring down. >> the bay bridge and most of san francisco. looking at what is to come. this is not a tough ride just yet. storm tracker 4 will show you when the heaviest rain will come to your neighborhood. >> as we take a look heavy rain is on the way for oakland at 5:42 a.m.. piedmont will have heavy rain around 5:46 a.m. and 5:46 a.m. for alamo. it
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am PST
from europe and the gulf countries. traffic seems to be moving all right, it is a little wet out there. erica has a full forecast coming up in a little bit. there are some showers that you need to know about. ?Ñ police in portland oregon have not given a possible motive in a mall shooting that killed three people including the gunman who died. another person was wounded the gunman was wearing a mask that camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest when he opened fire at where the state's biggest and busiest malls. the severance as the bay and nearby beaches will have a king tied and the next few days. king tides occurred to the four times every year. the waves will peak tomorrow but we are expecting to see a 7.1 ft. wave near the golden gate bridge at 945 this morning. not a lot of moisture associated >> with this cold fried so it'll be cherry and this afternoofront and it is chilly s morning. raining currently over the golden gate bridge. and the east bay, this could affect your commute. we are picking up light rain coming out of the caldecott tunnel highway 24. rain continues into ma
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4